Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Oracle 10g RAC installation using Unbreakable Linux

Today I would like to write an article to let you create a Oracle 10g RAC environment formed by two nodes.
Obviously because we usually don't have identical and expensive machine at our disposal, we will create those machine using again the vmWare product.

We should have, in our final configuration, two virtual machine, named rac1 and rac2 and based on Oracle Unbreakable Linux operating system.

About my virtual disks I should have at the very last this configuration:
  • F:\UnbreakableRAC1\Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.vmdk as virtual disk on rac1;
  • F:\UnbreakableRAC2\Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.vmdk as virtual disk on rac2;
  • F:\OCFS2disk\ocfs2.vmdk as shared OCFS2 disk;
  • F:\ASMdisk\asm1.vmdk as shared ASM disk group 1;
  • F:\ASMdisk\asm2.vmdk as shared ASM disk group 2;
  • F:\ASMdisk\asm3.vmdk as shared ASM Flash Recovery Area (FRA);
For the RAC environment, I will use:
  • rac1 and rac2 as hostname;
  • +ASM1 and +ASM2 respectively, as ASM instance name;
  • racdb1 and racdb2 respectively, as RAC instance name;
  • racdb as database name;
So... let's start.

First of all, go to this website http://edelivery.oracle.com/linux, insert your contact details and download your Enterprise Linux Media Pack (I have downloaded that one for x86 32 bit platform).
Download just Enterprise Linux 4 discs 1-4 because you do not need to download discs 5-8 to install Enterprise Linux; these CDs only contain the source code and we don't need it.

As we have done on previous post "Installing CentOS" http://dbaworkshop.blogspot.com/2006/12/installing-centos.html, activate the vmWare GSX server (3.2.0) and create a new virtual machine, the first node of the RAC environments.

In order, these will be out settings:
step 1 - Choose CUSTOM for virtual machine configuration;
step 2 - Chose LINUX for guest operating system and RED HAT ENTERPRISE LINUX 4 for version;
step 3 - Type rac1 for virtual machine name and select your destination folder (I will use F:\UnbreakableRAC1)
step 4 - Select MAKE THIS VIRTUAL MACHINE PRIVATE for Set Access Right and click Next.
step 5 - Select USER THAT POWERS ON THE VIRTUAL MACHINE for Startup/Shutdown Options;
step 6 - Presently I select only 300MB for memory because I have only 1.5GB on my machine. If it won't work then I will try to add more MB;
step 7 - Choose USE BRIDGED NETWORKING for network connection;
step 8 - Choose LSI LOGIC for I/O adapter types;
step 9 - Choose CREATE A NEW VIRTUAL DISK for disk;
step 10 - Choose SCSI (RECOMMENDED) for virtual disk type;
step 11 - Type 7GB for disk capacity and select ALLOCATE ALL DISK SPACE NOW;
step 12 - Type "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.vmdk" for disk file and then select FINISH;

Now we have to create 4 virtual SCSI disks: one will be the raw disks for OCFS2 (Oracle Cluster File System) and three for Oracle ASM (Automatic Storage Management is a feature in Oracle Database 10g that provides the database administrator with a simple storage management interface that is consistent across all server and storage platforms.)

Oracle Cluster File System disk steps:
step 12 - From VMware Server Console of rac1 click on Edit Virtual machine settings;
step 13 - Clicking on Add, the "Add Hardware Wizard" will start. Click Next;
step 14 - Choose Hard Disk from the wizard window;
step 15 - Choose CREATE A NEW VIRTUAL DISK for disk;
step 16 - Choose SCSI (RECOMMENDED) for virtual disk type;
step 17 - Type 0.5GB for disk capacity and select ALLOCATE ALL DISK SPACE NOW;
step 18 - I typed "F:\OCFS2disk\ocfs2.vmdk" for disk file and then select ADVANCED;
step 19 - Choose SCSI 1:0 for virtual device node, check INDEPENDENT and PERSISTENT, and at last click on Finish;

Automatic Storage Management disk steps:
step 20 - Clicking on Add, the "Add Hardware Wizard" will start. Click Next;
step 21 - Choose Hard Disk from the wizard window;
step 22 - Choose CREATE A NEW VIRTUAL DISK for disk;
step 23 - Choose SCSI (RECOMMENDED) for virtual disk type;
step 24 - Type 2.0GB for disk capacity and select ALLOCATE ALL DISK SPACE NOW;
step 25 - I typed "F:\ASMdisk\asm1.vmdk" for disk file and then select ADVANCED;
step 26 - Choose SCSI 1:1 for virtual device node, check INDEPENDENT and PERSISTENT, and at last click on Finish;
step 27 - Clicking on Add, the "Add Hardware Wizard" will start. Click Next;
step 28 - Choose Hard Disk from the wizard window;
step 29 - Choose CREATE A NEW VIRTUAL DISK for disk;
step 30 - Choose SCSI (RECOMMENDED) for virtual disk type;
step 31 - Type 2.0GB for disk capacity and select ALLOCATE ALL DISK SPACE NOW;
step 32 - I typed "F:\ASMdisk\asm2.vmdk" for disk file and then select ADVANCED;
step 33 - Choose SCSI 1:2 for virtual device node, check INDEPENDENT and PERSISTENT, and at last click on Finish;
step 34 - Clicking on Add, the "Add Hardware Wizard" will start. Click Next;
step 35 - Choose Hard Disk from the wizard window;
step 36 - Choose CREATE A NEW VIRTUAL DISK for disk;
step 37 - Choose SCSI (RECOMMENDED) for virtual disk type;
step 38 - Type 2.0GB for disk capacity and select ALLOCATE ALL DISK SPACE NOW;
step 39 - I typed "F:\ASMdisk\asm3.vmdk" for disk file and then select ADVANCED;
step 40 - Choose SCSI 1:3 for virtual device node, check INDEPENDENT and PERSISTENT, and at last click on Finish;
step 41 - Click OK

Now we can add a virtual network card for the Virtual IP addresses:
step 42 - From VMware Server Console of rac1 click on Edit Virtual machine settings;
step 43 - Clicking on Add, the "Add Hardware Wizard" will start. Click Next;
step 44 - Choose Ethernet Adapter from the wizard window;
step 45 - Choose HOST-ONLY: A PRIVATE NETWORK SHARED WITH THE HOST and let checked CONNECT AT POWER ON for Device Status. Click Finish;
step 46 - Click OK;

We have to edit a configuration file (located in my pc on F:\UnbreakableRAC1 directory and named "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.vmx") for our virtual machine rac1 so we'll be able to share the four disks with the other future node, rac2. Add the lines indented and written using italic font.

config.version = "7"
virtualHW.version = "3"
scsi0.present = "TRUE"
scsi0.virtualDev = "lsilogic"
memsize = "300"
scsi0:0.present = "TRUE"
scsi0:0.fileName = "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.vmdk"
scsi0:0.deviceType = "plainDisk"
ide1:0.present = "TRUE"
ide1:0.fileName = "C:\marco\Applicativi Vari\Unbreakable Oracle Linux\Enterprise-R4-U4-i386-disc3.iso"
ide1:0.deviceType = "cdrom-image"
floppy0.fileName = "A:"
Ethernet0.present = "TRUE"
usb.present = "FALSE"
displayName = "rac1"
guestOS = "rhel4"
priority.grabbed = "normal"
priority.ungrabbed = "normal"
powerType.powerOff = "default"
powerType.powerOn = "default"
powerType.suspend = "default"
powerType.reset = "default"
disk.locking = "FALSE"
diskLib.dataCacheMaxSize = "0"
scsi1.sharedBus = "virtual"
scsi1.present = "TRUE"
scsi1:0.present = "TRUE"
scsi1:0.fileName = "F:\OCFS2disk\ocfs2.vmdk"
scsi1:0.mode = "independent-persistent"
scsi1:0.deviceType = "plainDisk"
scsi1:1.present = "TRUE"
scsi1:1.fileName = "F:\ASMdisk\asm1.vmdk"
scsi1:1.mode = "independent-persistent"
scsi1:1.deviceType = "plainDisk"
scsi1:2.present = "TRUE"
scsi1:2.fileName = "F:\ASMdisk\asm2.vmdk"
scsi1:2.mode = "independent-persistent"
scsi1:2.deviceType = "plainDisk"
scsi1:3.present = "TRUE"
scsi1:3.fileName = "F:\ASMdisk\asm3.vmdk"
scsi1:3.mode = "independent-persistent"
scsi1:3.deviceType = "plainDisk"
scsi1.virtualDev = "lsilogic"
Ethernet1.present = "TRUE"
Ethernet1.connectionType = "hostonly"

The following figure show my virtual machine for the first node.

Next time we will start our first node and install Oracle Unbreakable Linux...

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Anonymous said...

hello - i have oracle linux installed already. I was trying to next install the oracle vm server, but during install, it doesn't see my hard drive. is the vmware version same as oracle vm server?

Rahul said...


Cluster intigrity was faied during installation of clusterware on CentOS 4.7. Do you have any idea?

Marco V. said...

Give me more informations: what kind of cluster integrity did you do and what type of errors you receive ?
Are you using a vmware configuration ?
Are you using 10gR2 ?

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