Monday, January 11, 2010

Add a controlfile into ASM when original controlfile is stored on ASM

Some days ago I installed Oracle 11gR2 on a RAC formed by two nodes. The default installation on ASM use just a controlfile. So I decided to add another one and the following are the steps I've done.

I'm using of course an spfile for my instance.
From a sqlplus sessions I needed to know where my current controlfile was and then altered the system to add another one. So I typed:
sql> show parameter control_files
sql> alter system set control_files='+DATA_RAC3/rac3/controlfile/current.260.706989187', '+DATA_RAC3' scope=spfile sid='*';

After I needed to put the instance in NOMOUNT mode, so as the oracle user, I typed:
srvctl stop database -d RAC3 -o immediate

From rman I was able to duplicate the controlfile, using the following commands:
$ rman nocatalog
RMAN>connect target
RMAN> restore controlfile from '+DATA_RAC3/rac3/controlfile/current.260.706989187';

After those commands, I put the database in OPEN mode, always from RMAN console:
RMAN> sql 'alter database mount';
RMAN> sql 'alter database open;

From a new sqlplus session I was able to see my new duplicated controlfile:
sql> select name from v$controlfile;

And now the last step. I needed to alter again the system, modifing the control_file parameter with the complete path of the new file:
sql> alter system set control_files='+DATA_RAC3/rac3/controlfile/current.260.706989187', '+DATA_RAC3/rac3/controlfile/current.268.707763013' scope=spfile sid='*';


Anonymous said...

thanks dude..

Manish Nashikkar

bonzer said...

Thank you. That saved me some time

Jeff B said...

Thank you for taking the time to post those instructions Marco!

Anonymous said...

exactly what i was looking for - thanks for posting such an elegant solution to this problem

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