Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oracle 11gR2 RAC installation using Enterprise Linux

This is a first post about how I installed Oracle Real Application Clusters 11gR2 on two nodes using Oracle Enterprise Linux

Just because I got every screenshot to document my activity and don't have time to write all the steps I did... when I decide one step is easy to understand... just look at the screenshot...

I'll prefer to attach just a series/set of pictures one after another and describe those steps that required more configuration and attention. Thanks...

First of all go to and get the 6 files for Enterprise Linux (I used Enterprise Linux Release 5 Update 4 Media Pack for x86_64 (64 bit) )...


From my ILO (Integrated Lights-Out), the embedded server management technology exclusive to HP, I've mounted as virtual media (CD-ROM) my local hard disk pointing to the first iso previously downloaded. Then I started my remote server and the following are the steps I've done:

Used a linux text installation

Skipped the media test

Language Selection

Keyboard selection

I had a previuos installation here, so I needed to format all DATA.

Reinstall System

Partition Configuration

Final partition configuration

Boot loader configuration

Network configuration

First network

Second network

Network mask for private intercommunication

Network Settings


Software to install

The begin of packages installation

Reboot the machine

Disable SeLinux

The following are the network settings steps for the second nodes

That's all.. for now...


Anonymous said...

Where is the rest.. ??

Just Linux installation :( time wasting

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